Choice and action are the essential storytelling tools of the actor’s craft. Like driving a car or playing a musical instrument, acting is the practice of choosing actions to achieve a desired outcome. With training, this practice becomes intuitive.

I teach my students how to mine a script or scenario to determine what a character wants and how they go about getting it. I teach them how to make informed, imaginative choices that bring a story to life and make an audience care about its outcome. I teach them how to identify the obstacles that stand in a character’s way, and make bold choices about how to overcome them.

I introduce my students to a systematic approach to script analysis that helps them quickly identify key elements like given circumstances, conflict, and objective that will inform their acting choices. I give them practical techniques that enable them to fully embody those choices physically and vocally. I encourage them to explore a broad range of emotional and expressive possibilities, always grounded in the text and inspired by their imagination and who they are.

I train the muscles of analysis and insight, expression and ingenuity. Training these muscles prepares my students not just for a long, rewarding career in the theatre, but for the challenges of life.

Adam is a passionate advocate of his craft, as well as a warm and engaging instructor who treats each person with equal respect and values the input and thoughts of each actor. There is ease in his teaching, but also seriousness and laser focus.
— Monique Amado, Actor and Screenwriter