I teach in the Department of Theatre Arts at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City and at my own Berlin studio, The Acting Muscle. These courses are designed to be taught over a semester (20-25 hours) or adapted as a workshop or series of workshops for your school or organization (6-8 hours).

Basic Technique

Students learn by doing, warming up with games and exercises that get them out of their heads and into their bodies, and activate their emotional and physical capacity to interpret dramatic texts. An introduction to the fundamentals of text analysis enables students to understand the mechanics of a script, identify its key elements, and make informed acting choices. Techniques for strengthening physical and vocal expression lead to intensive work on monologues and partnered scenes.

Advanced Technique

This course deepens the actor's ability to find clues in a script that help them understand characters and objectives, identify obstacles, and play actions that bring dramatic conflict to life. Students hone their analytical and interpretive skills while working on monologues and scenes from contemporary plays and modern classics. Exploration of  advanced vocal production, articulation, and physical characterization techniques develop the capacity to fully embody intellectual and imaginative discoveries.

Voice, Speech, and Movement for the Actor

This intensive workshop gives actors a set of tools and practices to deepen their vocal and physical characterizations. Speech work focuses on how the mouth, lips, and tongue produce sounds that help illuminate style, tone, and meaning in language. Vocal work focuses on developing resonating areas in the body to expand expressive capacity, while physical work unlocks the possibilities of gesture and movement as language.

Script Analysis

Unlocking a great performance demands profound insight into dramatic texts. This course introduces narrative concepts and theatrical structures to guide actors, directors, designers, and theater lovers through intensive analysis of scripts. The emphasis of this analysis is to develop their ability to synthesize the intellectual and intuitive work required to create a theatrical experience from a written text.

Workshops and Coaching

I facilitate and lead workshops to help organizations build their communications strategies and enrich partner and community relationships. I also coach leaders of social-impact organizations one-on-one to help them present their campaigns and ideas more effectively. Clients include Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung, Northwell Health, Made in NY Media Center,  and the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network.

Learning these techniques of approaching a text fundamentally changed the way I viewed theatre, people, and the world around me. After Adam’s class, analyzing actions is my second nature, in turn creating the results I desire not only in my craft, but in my career and personal life.
— Alexander Knoll, Actor and Director